Car expert shares useful tip to improve fuel economy by 25 percent

In the video, Cameron explains that drivers should always pay attention to how much their vehicle’s engine is revving, either by using the tachometer, rev counter, or by hearing the pitch of the engine.

According to the RAC, drivers travelling in urban areas such as towns and cities should try to change gears at about 2,000rpm to get the best fuel economy.

Whilst they stated that there is no figure which all cars perform best at, many cars on faster roads such as motorways and dual carriageways typically get the best figures when travelling at a steady speed near to 50mph whilst in the highest gear.

Cameron also recommended that motorists regularly check a number of things before setting off to make sure their vehicle is not suffering from unnecessary friction or weight.

He advised: “Keep your tyres inflated at the recommended air pressure, as flat tyres create more friction and make your car burn more fuel.

“Remove excess weight as well as anything that will add wind resistance to your car, as these will make your car work harder and burn more fuel.”

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