Lego’s New Milky Way Galaxy Wall Art Set Looks Incredibly Cool

While most of us will never get to experience the majesty of space–unless you’ve got an absurd amount of cash gathering dust in your bank account–you can bring some of that magic to your home. Magic that you can spend an afternoon building with these lovely Lego sets. Lego Insiders can now purchase a wall art building kit of The Milky Way Galaxy and NASA’s Artemis Space Launch System, both of which feature over 3,000 pieces. Lego’s Insiders program is free to join, but if you’d rather wait, everyone else can start placing their orders on May 18.

Just keep in mind these two sets are exclusive to the Lego Store, so you won’t find them at major retailers. If you buy either of these sets before May 26, you’ll get a rather fitting freebie: the Alien Space Diner Lego set, which is a rather fitting bonus.

Lego The Milky Way Galaxy – 3,091 pieces

Lego The Milky Way Galaxy

First up is this $200 artistic recreation of the Milky Way galaxy. We’re not talking about the chocolate here, but rather the collection of stars and planets orbiting a supermassive black hole that we call home in the universe. With over 3,000 pieces, you can bring the beauty of the universe to life with this stunning art project. Lego is aiming to make this a relaxing project to take part in, and you can scan a QR code to get a cool soundtrack to listen to while you build this piece. Lego’s wall art builds can feel more complicated than your average Lego set of this size, and the swirling design of the Milky Way looks like it could make this one particularly complex.

That said, it looks quite pretty and includes some neat flourishes: a tiny Gaia space telescope hidden in the portrait, the Crab Nebula floating amongst the interstellar remains of a star that went supernova, and a tiny plaque to show you where you are in the Milky Way galaxy. This will occupy a decently sized chunk of your wall once complete, as it has a width of 26 inches and a height of 16 inches.

Lego NASA Artemis Space Launch System – 3,601 pieces

Lego NASA Artemis Space Launch System
Lego NASA Artemis Space Launch System

Next on the list is the $260 NASA Artemis Space Launch System from the Lego Ideas line. There’s a certain magic to rocket launches, and this set is a replica of NASA’s ongoing Artemis campaign that serves as the next stage in human space exploration. A highly detailed set, there are 3,601 pieces here that come together to create a multi-stage rocket with two solid-fuel boosters, an Orion capsule, and a detailed mobile launch tower. You can also build the launch system, and this model will stand 28 inches tall once it has been fully assembled. The real-life rocket will generate a staggering 4 million KGs of thrust when it takes off.

If that’s not enough space-based fun for you, there are some other cool builds to check out, including Tales of the Space Age, which is on sale for over 30% off at Amazon.

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