Lethal Company comes to Minecraft in terrifying new mod

Minecraft is many things, but I’d wager creepy or scary don’t pop into most of our heads when considering Mojang’s iconic sandbox game. A lot of us grew up hearing spooky rumors about it, including the community-crafted Creepypasta tale of Herobrine, but it has been years since the possessed Steve haunted our young minds. With the recent resurgence in fast-paced horror from hit indie games like Lethal Company though, we may just see new harrowing figures come to Minecraft.

With how active the Minecraft modding community is, I’m shocked that more of the creators’ focus hasn’t been placed on dreadful or gruesome features. When you take something as categorically wholesome as the beloved sandbox game, you expect to see fans turning its coziness on its head in favor of eerie elements, some of which you can’t even place your finger on. Think Herobrine, MineWatch, and the more recently crafted Cave Dweller mob mod.

There’s endless potential when combining the childish, cute gameplay with the uncanny, unsettling possibility of things in-game that are just not quite right. Pixel Coder, a Minecraft modder and YouTuber, proves as much with his latest Lethal Company-like, SCP-esque creation. The One Who Watches is a mod that adds a tall, unsightly figure into your game, all with its own unique actions and reactions.

Much like Lethal Company and its reactive monstrosities, The One Who Watches is an intelligent entity that spawns at night and then stalks you slowly. You’re not safe in the Overworld, and you’re not safe in Caves. It’s always close behind you, and sometimes it jumps out of nowhere. You’ll spot it hanging onto ceilings, crawling in an entirely unnatural manner to reach you.

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Pixel Coder is also regularly at work on the mod, having just recently made The One Who Watches even more of a menace. It claws at trees, tears through the foliage, and scrambles over water just so that it can kill you in one unsightly, swift blow. Suddenly, Lethal Company’s Bracken and Coil-Head don’t seem all that scary. At least there, we can fly away. In Minecraft, the mob is eternally present and infiltrating our world.

You can download Pixel Coder’s mod here to get a taste of the thrill that The One Who Watches’ chase can provide. The best part is that you can fully enjoy being hunted down alongside friends like in Lethal Company as the aggressive mob isn’t particular to single-player worlds. Am I going to start a server with friends and surprise them with this almost-sentient lanky creature straight out of SCP? Yes.

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While you sort your files out and face off against Pixel Coder’s mob in your once-safe world, you can browse through a few of our other favorite Minecraft mods for even more free downloads to spice your base game up. Sometimes, we need to step away from the creepy and the crawly to appreciate beauty. You can look at these nice Minecraft texture packs to make your game so stunning that The One Who Watches won’t want to ever leave.

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