This Electric Foot Warmer Is Perfect For Cold Winter Days

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My feet have been downright freezing lately for some reason, so I looked online a few weeks ago for something like the disposable foot warmers I’d previously used in snow boots. I spotted a product so intriguing, so comfy-looking, I knew immediately I had to add to my cart: a big boot-shaped electric feet warmer.

I’ve been using it all day every day, and let me tell you, this is one of my favorite things I have ever purchased. It works wonderfully, and my feet are so toasty and warm now, and I never want to be without it again. I definitely can’t imagine living in a cold climate without one, and it’s not even $30.

The Humicatro electric heated foot warmer is a cozy boot-shaped pouch of warmth with a machine-washable fuzzy inner liner (it’s also not quite as proportionally big as it appears in this promo pic).

This Humicatro electric heated foot warmer has been great for working from home, and I imagine it’d be amazing under a desk in a cold office, too. It’s not a therapeutic device, but reviewers note they love it for relieving symptoms from circulatory issues and perimenopause, among other physical concerns. It offers six heat levels and four timer options with a safety auto-shutoff, plus can be unzipped from its boot shape for use on other parts of the body. My feet are in it right now as I type.

Why not just use a regular heating pad on my feet? Here’s the difference: Because this heats from both the top and the bottom and has an enclosed design, your feet are truly enveloped by heat. Air can flow in and out via the top, so it doesn’t get sweaty and swampy inside, but heat isn’t escaping as much as it would if I simply tried to wrap my feet in a standard rectangular heating pad (that also might get a bit too hot on the skin). Plus, the boot shape makes it easy to simply slide my feet in and out when I need to get up or move, with no tedious rearranging of a heating pad necessary.

One small drawback is that you can’t move your legs very far apart when they’re in this because of its monoboot design. But naturally, the Amazon algorithm soon showed me a foot warmer with individual booties, and I had to try those, too. And they were also amazing.

The Veeool electric foot warmer boots allow a fuller range of motion compared to the monoboot style of the Humicatro warmer.
The Veeool electric foot warmer boots allow a fuller range of motion compared to the monoboot style of the Humicatro warmer.

This pair of linked warming boots from Veeool also offers multiple heat levels, numerous auto-shutoff timer durations, and fuzzy soft inner liners you can remove and machine-wash. When I wear these, I can cross my legs, sit however I want, and enjoy the same level of toasty, foot-cuddling warmth. They aren’t as effortless to pop out of when I need to get up to refill my coffee or whatnot (they don’t unzip, so I have to use my hands), but depending on your use and needs and how often you move about, I feel confident saying one of these options could be your next favorite purchase, too — or an unexpected but joy-inducing gift for the person in your life who always runs cold.

Check the product listings to be sure your feet would fit in either model, but get ready for some soft, enveloping warmth for your tootsies this winter. Here are some promising reviews from Amazon shoppers:

“Recently started working from home again and I’m in front of the computer a LOT. I have circulatory issues, so my feet and hands often get very cold. This was a GAME CHANGER. Gets very warm and even helps with my ankle joint pain during rain storms! I’m so glad I have this in time for a rough Northeast winter! And I love that the liner is easy to remove and clean. Highly recommend. Using it right now, feet are toasty and warm!” — Elbianna P

“I used this product for my neuropathy, which makes my feet feel like they are frostbit. The heating at the bottom and [top] was important to me, and it works beautifully. Easy to set up, just zip it up, put in liner, and plug in. It gives off enough heat for me, usually heated warmers do not. I love thé timer so I don’t fall asleep and forget to turn off. Nice attention to detail with the Velcro keeping the liner secure, as well being washable. I also have extra large feet ( 11/12 in womens) and there is still room for people who have larger feet! am extremely pleased with this product.” — Melissa Barker

“So, as a perimenopausal woman, I’m going through a lot of bodily changes, with the cold feet being one of them for some strange reason. What I will say is that this thing is fabulous. I love the fact that it has a timer on it. I love the fact that you can open it up and make it for different areas of the body and it’s just totally functional and great. definitely do not regret this purchase.” — Shay

“I telework at home and I am constantly cold so got a foot warmer because I was tired of trying to wrap a heating pad around my feet. This is basically that, but foot shape with a little foot pocket that is washable. It’s legit my FAVORITE amazon item I have bought in the last six months! I’ve recommended it to so many people and they’ve bought it and LOVED IT. My husband borrows it all the time and LOVES it. Seriously I can’t say enough great things about this foot warmer. Has a 6 hour timer on it, and I usually only put it at a 4/6 on heat settings because it can get HOT HOT HOT. Highly recommend. If you are a cold foot person, you want this.” — Katie K

Veeool feet warmer boots:

“These! I’ve been searching for foot/feet warmers for my husband. He wears men’s size 13 shoes. These fit, warm his feet, and he can sit comfortably (feet up/down), without tight socks or restrictions of needing to recharge batteries. The cord length is good too. These come with two booties that are controlled in sync with the one corded controller. If I can post a photo I took one of my feet in them and it shows there’s room for spacing your feet so your dog or cat can still snuggle with you while heat your feet!” — Plananimish

“I bought these for my Dad because he constantly complains about his feet being cold. He absolutely loves them and I like the fact that they’re two separate booties instead of one big booty. Sometimes he just sits there with his feet in them, without it even turned on, because he says they’re just so warm.” — Lora Shepherd

“Wow — That was our first impression. Soft and easy to start using right away. Heats up quickly and warms your whole foot, not just the flat part. My mom has notoriously cold feet with little circulation and these warmed her up quick and is super portable for use anywhere. The inside can be taken out to be washed too.” — Hannah

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