10/10 Doom like boomer shooter gets free remaster, big Steam sale

Dusk is a great shooter, especially for those of you who want the old-school fast-paced stylings of FPS games like Doom. It remains a modern classic, and now it’s dirt cheap as the team releases a free HD update, alongside some great new features, mod support, and a whole lot more. You can even run around Half-Life and Counter-Strike in the game, if you want to.

Dusk is a truly phenomenal modern boomer shooter that takes the groundwork from iconic FPS games the likes of Doom and makes something well and truly original. Now, to celebrate the shooter’s fifth birthday, the previously promised Dusk HD remaster is a free download on Steam, and the SDK and Steam workshop are here to let modders go into overdrive. Oh, and Dusk is also having a massive discount in a celebratory Steam sale.

While the full Dusk development kit is a few weeks away, right now you’re getting one of the best modern shooters ever made at a massive discount, a free HD version, and a fully functioning Steam workshop modding scene too.

So you can drop in Quake, Half-Life, and even Counter-Strike maps to play in Dusk while using texture and sound replacements, but mods for custom models like enemies, entities, weapons, and all of the HD assets can’t be used yet. That’s right though, all of the Dusk HD assets will be available for you to use in modding too.

Dusk developer David Szymanski also says that Dusk – Moddable will detect any installed games with compatible assets, letting you seamlessly load their maps into Dusk. So if you want to explore Black Mesa, be my guest.

Ben ‘Zombie’ Moir and David ‘Garumin’ Bonin have been two of the main developers on Dusk HD, and Szymanski says that all of the profits from Dusk in December 2023 will be split between the two of them.

Dusk HD free update: a man in a lab coat in a break room

Szymanski also has a message for new and returning Dusk players, which rounds out this whole thing really nicely. “Firstly: We love you and we hate money. Secondly: We work hard.” You can find Dusk on Steam right here, it’s currently 66% off until Monday, December 18 so expect to pay $6.79 / £5.09.

As Dusk turns five Doom also turns 30, so John Romero released Sigil 2 and excellent Doom megawad Eviternity 2 also released, if you’re feeling celebratory.

If you want to play some of the games that inspired Dusk, we’ve put together all the best old games still available on PC today, alongside some of the best free Steam games so you don’t break the bank.

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