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There has been considerable positive sentiment around the rising crypto AI sector, but for some reason, FetchAI (FET) and SingularityNET (AGIX) have taken huge hits in the past week. FET is recovering from its 65% losses, even though the token is still stuck in the red with AGIX.

The bearish fall sets a poor precedence for the AI tokens, as their merger is set for July. However, there’s a crypto AI, RCO Finance (RCOF), with the potential to eclipse the top crypto coins.

FET Dips Into Bearish Territory; Is a Spike Possible?

The FetchAI project is one of the foremost crypto AI tokens in the market, and after significant yearly growth, FET is looking like a strong favourite among traders. There’s been some cloud lately, though, as the FET token fell to 65% losses, losing some of its investors along with it.

FetchAI’s decline began when the token hit its ATH at $3.5. The fall’s effects saw the FET price settle at the $1.1 support level, and FetchAI has been crawling its way out of the deep ever since. Now, the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance (ASI) merger slated for July is one event keeping FET’s hopes alive.

But crawling is all that FET is doing, as the token is still on 9.37% weekly losses, with about 7% coming in the past 24 hours. Its trading volume is also down by 35%, and FET might be looking at more slumps before the merger event.

SingularityNET Follows FET Losses

The AGIX token is one of the crypto AI tokens involved in the big merge coming up in July. Unlike FetchAI, SingularityNET will lose its listing on top exchanges.

According to reports, Coingecko and CoinMarketCap will delist AGIX deposit contracts, and users will no longer be able to deposit SingularityNET tokens. Coinbase will not support the new ASI token, which is also a significant hindrance to the new merger. 

Also, trading of SingularityNET on most of the major exchanges will stop before the ASI launch, and the AGIX price is already showing signs of a dip soon.

The SingularityNET price has been trading at 7.89% losses over the last seven days, and its trading volume has gone down 45% in the past week. As the AGIX tokens will disappear soon, there’s little need to trade them.

The AI crypto sector is undergoing a great change soon, as FET, AGIX, and OCEAN will combine to form a new token. The old tokens are fading, but there’s some good news.

RCOF: AI-Enhanced Trading at Your Fingertips!

The fading off of the older projects is clearing a path for newer crypto AI coins, and the timing couldn’t be better for the new RCO Finance. For once, we have not seen an upgrade to DApp building or staking; RCO Finance is revolutionizing crypto trading.

The first change is in the AI RCOF integration with its trading. Robo Advisor is a machine-learning-based algorithm that studies the trading preferences of individual traders. Understanding their preferences involves knowing how much risk they want to take or whether they prefer margin trading to derivatives.

The Robo Advisor could guide a trader trying to buy Platforms (META) stocks based on the stock’s recent performances and whether there’s been a huge dump. That way, the trader would be equipped with the right information to make better decisions.

Also, RCO Finance offers traders a wide range of trading assets. There are about 120,000 of them for your portfolio; you can’t be stranded for a choice of trading instruments on RCOF, and the platform is safe. 

You’re safe because RCO Finance has a no-KYC policy that complements your security with data privacy. Traders and investors have never had it better.

Next-gen Features and 3000% ROI

RCO Finance’s platform offers next-generation features, from a new AI upgrade to crypto trading to a stunning line-up of digital asset choices. But unlike other DeFi coins, features are only some of what RCO Finance offers.

With a 3000% ROI set for launch day, you can get your $200 investments to $6000 in a few weeks. Even more so are the 100,000% profits to be gained when the RCO Finance project reaches its full potential.

The project is in Stage 1 of presales and has raised over $400,000 so far. Investors’ confidence is high following RCO Finance’s smart contract audit by the reliable SolidProof. So, now is the best time to buy RCOF tokens at $0.0127. 

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