Airlines Mandated to Provide Compensation & Assistance for Flight Disruptions, Says DGCA Guidelines

Airlines Mandated to Provide Compensation & Assistance for Flight Disruptions, Says DGCA Guidelines. (Image for representation: News18)

DGCA mandates airlines to compensate and assist passengers for cancellations and delays. Guidelines ensure passenger rights and support during disruptions.

In a move to ease the inconvenience faced by passengers due to flight cancellations and delays, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued guidelines mandating airline companies to adhere to specific requirements.

Under the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) issued by DGCA, airlines are obligated to offer the following provisions:

  • Compensation for Cancellations

In the event of flight cancellations, airlines must either provide an alternative flight or compensate passengers, in addition to a full refund of the air ticket. Passengers awaiting an alternate flight at the airport are entitled to meals and refreshments.

  • Assistance for Flight Delays

For flight delays, airlines are required to offer meals and refreshments to passengers. Depending on the total delay, the airline must provide an alternate flight, a full refund of the ticket, or hotel accommodation, including transfers.

Exception for Force Majeure

In cases where cancellations or delays are caused by force majeure events—extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control—compensation is not mandatory.

The guidelines aim to ensure that passengers facing disruptions receive appropriate support and compensation, enhancing the overall travel experience. These regulations are detailed in the Passenger Charter, available on the Ministry’s website, CARs on the DGCA website, and respective airline websites.

Passenger Protections in Place

DGCA emphasizes that adequate provisions are already established to safeguard passenger interests during flight disruptions. By making these guidelines available to the public, passengers can be better informed about their rights and the assistance they can expect in case of flight inconveniences.

With these proactive measures in place, passengers can have confidence that the aviation industry is committed to providing essential support during unexpected events, ultimately contributing to a more passenger-friendly travel experience.

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