Astrologer shares Christmas horoscopes for all 12 signs

Today is Christmas Day in the UK, and astrologer Jessica Adams has horoscopes for today and how they will influence you in the future.


“A conversation you begin inspires a terrific short trip after May,” predicted Jessica Adams.

“By June, you will be so pleased you decided to travel as this journey goes on rewarding you all year.”


The bull “will be delighted with a special present”, but it’s the Christmas crackers you want to pay attention to.

Jessica Adams explained: “Your best Christmas present this year is the promise of much more money after May 2024. Taurus, you will make it or save a substantial amount. The clues are all there as you pull the crackers.”


Jessica Adams said: “One of your Christmas presents this year will inspire you to relaunch yourself near your birthday in 2024.

“You will have a new image in May and June thanks to a plan you slowly start to hatch today.”


The crab may need some time to themself today as the moon resides in the most private and sensitive area of your chart.

Jessica Adams elaborated: “From this comes the spiritual, psychological or even psychic rewards of 2024. This small beginning will grow.”


Friends are so special for you, Leo, as close bonds will be your real present this year.

Jessica Adams foretold that a conversation had today “will help to begin the most fantastic plan for your social life after May”.


Expect a new job, promotion, course or volunteering gig in the second half of 2024.

The astrologer revealed, “all the signs are there on Christmas Day thanks to a turning point in a conversation, social media post or news item”.


“One idea will take hold on Christmas and change your life for the better in 2024,” said Jessica Adams.

“It all begins in May or June when you realise that a special place on the map (or its people) is the answer.”


Jessica Adams predicted: “In the second half of 2024 you will make or save a fortune, thanks to a decision you begin to put together today.

“Rapid results in June will make you realise that it all began at Christmas.”


Singletons can look forward to a “terrific new relationship next year”, and the clue it’s on the horizon might be spotted on a Christmas card.

Those partnered up may be spending their last Christmas together if they are unhappy, but happier couples will plant something that grows in wonderful ways in June.


“An idea you have to be fitter and healthier next year takes hold today,” said Jessica Adams.

“Even if you start slowly, or even stop and start, you will find that May and June begin to reward you.”


Christmas Day is all about the young people in your life, and one younger person in particular is your passport to wonderful events in the second half of 2024.

“The signs are there today,” said Jessica Adams, if you are willing to look for them.


“Today highlights the amazing bond you have with a special relative,” said Jessica Adams.

“This person is the key to the home life you want next year, or even a wonderful new place to live.”

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