Best AI Tokens To Stack In This Crypto Market Correction

Opening up as a new and trending segment in the crypto market, the AI tokens are on a bull run. Despite the recent correction phase, Artificial Intelligence tokens are high-potential coins in this volatile market. 

With limitless use cases and the power of blockchain, these tokens are the perfect combination of hype and utility. As the AI industry is expected to hit a trillion-dollar mark by the end of this decade, the upside potential is massive.

So, let’s look closer at the top AI tokens to buy if the market continues the correction phase. 

The Best Bet Artificial Superintelligence Alliance 

From July 1, 2024, phase one of the merger of three tokens began. While the FET trading remains uninterrupted, AGIX and OCEAN tokens will start delisting. The second phase will focus on community and ASI development, with migration contracts available. 

The process will extend over several years, giving investors ample time to convert their holdings. With a market cap of $3.27 Billion, the AI token price trades at $1.30, a discount of 62% from the all-time of $3.47. 


With a falling channel, the pullback phase continues in the AI token. Further, with immense underlying potential, the FET price can drive a breakout rally, outgrowing the channel. 

If the bull run gains momentum, the AI token can reach the $4.96 mark in the coming months. Hence, it makes a lucrative offer to buy FET in case the broader market correction continues. 

Will A Breakout Run In The OCEAN Protocol Hit $2?

With a market cap of $385 million, the Ocean protocol is a rising AI token in the crypto world. Under a correction phase, the OCEAN token price has fallen from $1.43 to $0.56 in 2024. 


Despite the 60% drop in the yearly high, the OCEAN protocol showcases immense potential. As the downfall takes a falling wedge shape, the bull cycle within teases a trend reversal breakout rally. 

However, the correction phase leads to a death cross in the daily chart and puts bearish pressure on the $0.50 psychological support. An uptrend continuation with a breakout run can result in a jump to the psychological mark of $1. 

AI Token Aethir, A Low Cap Gem

One of the recently launched AI tokens, Aethir, is ready to make waves in the crypto world. With a market cap of $267 million, the ATH price is down by 25% from its listing price of $0.095. However, the last three weeks account for a jump of 9%. 


With the short-term recovery, the AI token forms a crucial support level at the $0.062 mark. In the 4H chart, the ATH price challenges an overhead resistance trendline for a breakout rally. 

Considering the bull run continues, the upside potential is the biggest in Aethir compared to the above-mentioned tokens. As per the Fibonacci levels, the breakout rally in the AI token can reach the $0.11 mark in the coming weeks. 

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