Bitcoin Price Prediction For January: Here’s How BTC Price Is Prepared Ahead Of SEC’s Spot ETF Decision

Bitcoin investors have maintained a neutral position in recent weeks following a significant increase, as the $44K-$45K range continues to challenge the market’s patience. Yet, the dream for an end to the ongoing consolidation and a potential rise to $50K could be within reach in January, with the SEC’s decision on the ETF drawing near. This article will explore all potential price scenarios for Bitcoin in light of the ETF debut and evaluate the chances of a ‘sell the news’ event.

$42,500 Has Been A Strong Accumulation Point

Both buyers and sellers have been actively making profits as Bitcoin trades within the narrow price range of $42K-$43K. According to data from Coinglass, in the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has seen liquidations totaling over $22 million. Of this amount, short positions accounted for $13.5 million, while buyers liquidated long positions worth $8.6 million.

However, Bitcoin’s trading activity around the $42,500 mark has emerged as a significant point of accumulation for investors. Insights from IntoTheBlock show that Bitcoin’s Netflow reached negative figures, averaging around 3,000 BTC, whenever the price touched $42,500. This trend indicates that the volume of Bitcoin leaving exchanges surpassed the inflow at these lower price levels, signifying a preference among investors for accumulating rather than selling their holdings. This implies that a robust support level has been established around the $42,500 price point for Bitcoin.

Moreover, historical data indicates a trend of positive momentum for Bitcoin in January. According to Coinglass, in the last four years, Bitcoin’s price has shown bullish behavior three times during January, with 2022 being the sole exception.

On average, Bitcoin is anticipated to experience a 15% increase by the end of the month, potentially pushing its price from $43,000 to approximately $49,000.

ETF To Play A Big Influence

The chances of institutional acceptance play a significant role as well. The potential authorization of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States, as seen in BlackRock’s application in 2023, is anticipated to offer considerable support from institutional investors.

Reuters reports that the SEC may soon approve an ETF by January 3, with its launch expected by January 10. However, the BTC price is unlikely to exceed $50K this month. This is because the anticipated ETF approval has already driven up the price, and miners and short-term holders are sitting on high-profit margins, historically leading to price corrections. Although these holders are still making profits, major rallies typically follow periods of short-term losses.

CryptoQuant predicts BTC might fall to $32,000, the short-term holder realized price, as traders are currently overpaying to open long positions. ETFs are expected to attract several hundred million dollars to the market, and analysts suggest that the launch of ETFs could have a long-term bullish impact on Bitcoin.

Some believe that the anticipated approval will lead to a substantial and enduring increase in price right after the decision. However, others contend that it might result in a “sell the news” scenario. However, it is expected that the BTC price might hover within $40K-$50K, considering both positive and negative scenarios in January.

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