Bloodlines 2 reveals fourth and final clan, one of the original’s best

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is nearing its release date, and I’m only growing more impatient. As I hungrily devour every bit of news from The Chinese Room and Paradox Interactive, the developers keep me sated with reveals such as the latest which showcases the RPG’s fourth and final playable class. If you were hoping for the Clan of Kings, the proud Ventrue, then you’re in luck.

Sorry, Malkavian stans. The last launch-ready clan coming in Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 is indeed the Ventrue. One of the original RPG game‘s playable seven clans, the Ventrue desire power and prove that wealth, rank, and status prove strength rather than brute force. In my opinion, these noble baddies stand as one of Bloodlines’ best clans, from their flawless style to their dominance and unique dialogue.

Paradox Interactive describes the clan in the coming sequel as familiar with power, made up of members deemed to be the “rightful leaders of vampire society.” The Ventrue is also the head of the Camarilla sect, which goes to show how the clan’s vampires dominate among other undead just as they do over their human prey.

While its members’ ability to maintain dominance over friends and foes alike makes the Ventrue a strong choice, and one of my favorites, these bougie bloodsuckers do come with cons. You need to watch how you eat since you can’t drink from any animals and get sick if you feed on certain humans.

Any cons feel well worth it when you consider the advantages, including Disciplines such as Dominate and Presence. Roleplaying as the Ventrue is super, and I’m happy with the variety the developer is giving us with the sequel’s first four clans. The recently revealed Banu Haqim came as a  surprise, following the more familiar Brujah and Tremere.

We have melee fighters, scholars, silent assassins, and influential nobles to choose from thus far. If you were hoping to see the Toreador make the cut, or another beloved clan, don’t despair as the dev says more clans will drop with post-launch DLC. One of these mysterious clans will give us “a new way to experience the main game” while the second one will offer “a completely unique Seattle story.”

Between the Malkavians, the Nosferatu, and the Toreador, I think we’ll get one more clan familiar to players of the first game along with a clan not seen in-game before, such as the Banu Haqim. Lasombra, perhaps? For now, we can enjoy other bloodthirst-quenching vampire games. If you’re open to any narrative-driven experience, creatures of the night included or otherwise, look through these story games with entrancing lore.

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