ColdVentures Unveils First-of-its-Kind, Class 1 FDA Medical Device ColdVest to Prevent Heat-Related Deaths

LOS ANGELES With annual heat-related deaths projected to increase 370 percent by 2050, rising temperatures and extreme heat events pose a significant threat to humans. As heat waves intensify, ColdVentures, a medical device company developing innovative new technologies to combat heat-related deaths, has unveiled ColdVest, a first-of-its-kind, Class 1 FDA portable emergency cooling device to protect people from heat-related brain or organ damage and death before emergency medical services arrive.

“Heat-related deaths have been increasing dramatically in recent years, with estimates ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of incidents annually worldwide. 2023 alone set a heat death record in the United States. We need to look beyond      treatment methods like ice baths and adopt new technologies to save lives, as heat stroke is preventable in most cases,” said Tracie Wagman, ColdVentures Co-Founder and CEO. “ColdVest is the only portable emergency device available for heat stroke that does not require electricity or refrigeration. Given that people endured, on average, 86 days of health-threatening high temperatures last year globally, ColdVest has the potential to save thousands of lives around the globe each year.”

Heat stroke poses a particularly deadly threat to military personnel performing strenuous activities and wearing heavy gear in scorching environments; outdoor workers including construction crews, farmers and landscapers who are exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures for long hours; firefighters battling blazes; and athletes training and competing in hot weather conditions. Heat stroke is especially dangerous for young athletes or those unaccustomed to extreme temperatures.

People suffering from heat stroke typically have 30 minutes before suffering permanent harm. In just under three minutes, ColdVest can reduce core body temperatures up to five degrees and stabilize an individual. Using patented endothermic cooling technology, ColdVest does not require electricity, refrigeration, ice or special storage. To use, add three liters of liquid to ColdVest’s integrated bladder, which then spreads throughout the vest to rapidly activate internal cooling chemicals. ColdVest is then placed over the torso of an individual for immediate relief. To learn more, visit

About ColdVentures

ColdVentures is a medical device company developing innovative new technologies to end heat-related deaths. The Company’s proprietary ColdVest device is a patented, Class 1 FDA medical cooling vest that lowers core body temperature and prevents heat-related illness and death. ColdVest’s mission is to provide technology that alleviates suffering for the new environmental normal. To learn more about ColdVentures and ColdVest, visit

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