Criterion Collection Blu-Rays Are 50% Off At Amazon Right Now

Streaming services might be convenient, but in an age where there’s no guarantee that films will always be accessible on them, purchasing a few Criterion Collection Blu-rays adds some cinematic security to your home. Right now, you can save big on these films, as Amazon and Barnes & Noble are offering 50% discounts on these cinematic treasures. It’s worth noting that Amazon is still adding to its deals, while Barnes & Noble will offer everything in its online inventory of Criterion Collection films at 50% off. Amazon isn’t likely to match all of Barnes & Noble’s deals, but this promotion–which typically runs at least once each year–is the best time to pick up Criterion Collection releases.

Criterion Collection Blu-Ray Deals

Most of these Criterion Collection films also have very cool cover art.

What makes a Criterion Collection release stand out from other Blu-rays is that each film is presented as its maker would want it seen. The films typically come with plenty of extra content as well, giving you more insight into how each movie was made, and the Criterion Collection encompasses classics and avant-garde movies, Hollywood blockbusters, B-movie horror, and some of the weirder content from across the decades.

All movies listed below are 1080p Blu-ray format unless otherwise noted. The 4K Blu-ray releases also come with standard Blu-ray discs.

Some of the highlights here include a collection of Godzilla films from the Showa era. They’re goofy, full of classic monster action, and at least one of them involves Godzilla doing a sliding drop-kick onto Megalodon. Beyond this being a massive selection of Kaiju classics–15 in total–they’re also accompanied by a deluxe hardcover book and colorful art. The films are new HD transfers, and include both English and Japanese language tracks, archival interviews, and more.

Akira Kurosawa’s classic films, Seven Samurai and Dreams, are available on 4K Blu-ray for $25 each.

For something creepier, you can never go wrong with the body-horror of a David Cronenberg movie. Videodrome is a prime example of this, and the 4K UHD cut will really make you squirm in your seat when you see all of the grossness unfold of this cult-classic. Welcome to the new flesh!

A look at the best of the Criterion Collection just wouldn’t be complete without something from the master of cinema, Martin Scorsese, and you can grab The Irishman at a pretty good price here. Yes, it has a bladder-busting runtime, but that’s what pause buttons were made for. For something more kid-friendly than seeing a digitally de-aged Robert DeNiro shoot people in the head, there’s also Wall-E, one of Pixar’s all-time greatest movies. An animated delight, it still holds up as a masterpiece of storytelling.

Other highlights include Akira Kurosawa’s classic films, Seven Samurai and Dreams, on 4K Blu-ray, Inside Llewyn Davis from the Coen brothers, the Charlie Kaufman-penned cult hit Being John Malkovich, and the slacker comedy Dazed and Confused–a film that is alright alright alright. You can also save 50% on Citizen Kane, a film that is often referred to as the best movie ever made.

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