Crypto’s Next Frontier: a16z’s Bold Predictions for 2024

Venture capital powerhouse a16z has unveiled a comprehensive report for the crypto industry in 2024, focusing on the accelerated adoption of NFTs, the evolution of gaming finance, and advanced blockchain solutions like zkSync.

Decentralization, User Experience, and AI Blockchains

The report emphasizes the importance of decentralization to distribute power away from central authorities, fostering competition and user agency. This paradigm shift, while challenging to implement at a grand scale, is starting to take shape with new governance models that promise more effective decentralized systems. Innovations in web3 are expected to enable more collaborative and operationally sound models for decentralization, potentially leading to a breakthrough in how internet infrastructure operates.

A16z also points out that crypto’s user experience (UX) has been notoriously complex but hasn’t evolved significantly since 2016. The firm predicts that 2024 will be when new tools will dramatically simplify how people interact with crypto apps, enhancing security and usability. Innovations like passkeys, smart accounts, and integrated wallets are set to overhaul the front-end user experience, making it easier for everyone to navigate the crypto space.

Next, the firm predicts that 2024 will witness the convergence of AI and blockchain technologies. Decentralized blockchains will counterbalance the monopoly of big tech over AI, creating global markets where anyone can contribute computing power or data and be fairly compensated. This synergy is expected to democratize AI, lower costs, and lead to safer consumer applications.


The concept of GameFi’s “play to earn” is set to mature into “play and earn,” recognizing the need for games to be enjoyable while also providing economic benefits. a16z predicts a transition to a model where gaming is not just a workplace but an ecosystem where players can reap rewards from the value they create.

The report anticipates a rise in user-friendly tools for smart contract development, driven by the need for robust security in a sector that handles billions of dollars. These tools will likely leverage the simpler architecture of smart contracts to improve performance and reduce the risk of costly errors.

NFTs are expected to become standard digital assets for brands, moving beyond collectibles to encompass identity, community, and co-creation of products. The trend towards affordable NFTs for mass collection managed through easy-to-use wallets and efficient blockchains will likely continue.

Lastly, a16z predicts that SNARKs technology, which verifies computational workloads securely, will enter mainstream usage across various applications, benefiting consumers with enhanced security and authenticity.

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