Cult of the Lamb rivals GTA 6 with new update’s drinks, guns, and sex

Cult of the Lamb has been channeling some seriously chaotic energy recently, and I’m so here for it. Following a big reveal of the Sins of the Flesh update, Massive Monster and Deveolver Digital have kept us in their increasingly questionable loop with posts teasing the upcoming content. We got nudity, then we got sex, and finally, we got guns. We’re now getting alcohol on top of that all, making the roguelike’s update one that rivals the likes of GTA 6.

You read that right, we’re getting drinks in Cult of the Lamb. In true holiday spirit, the developer reveals its upcoming, entirely functional drinkhouse in a Twitter post composed as a Christmas song would be. It appears that the brewery-like building will produce beverages made up of the roguelike game‘s berries and fruits, and may serve to keep our faithful cult followers happy.

“Grape nectar and fruit elixirs,” the dev so eloquently writes, will create “hiccups and mixers.” As the drinks make their way throughout your cult, you’ll listen as “laughter echoes, in merry pleasure” and hear the sound of “clinking glasses, a festive pleasure.” All of this alcohol-fueled merry-making should arrive with Cult of the Lamb’s free update, Sins of the Flesh, alongside guns, sex, and a nudist ritual.

All we need now is driving, and theft… although, I suppose we already can commit the ultimate crime in-game as we can slay our way through. Since the indie dev states in a Steam update that it will post new teasers and sneak peeks for Sins of the Flesh weekly until Christmas on Monday, December 25, we could get one more look at the update (and its possible inclusion of a most-wanted system).

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