Drivers can save 10 percent fuel this winter by pressing button at every petrol station

Petrol and diesel owners can boost their fuel economy by a staggering 10 percent by pressing one button found in almost every petrol station in the country.

According to specialists, road users should keep their tyre pressures at the correct temperature at all times with flat rubber likely to burn more fuel.

Tyre pressures can be checked and fixed at home or at special air pumps located at petrol stations.

These are usually located just off to the side of forecourts and can be accessed for as little as 50p or £1.

Buttons on the machine can be pressed to determine how much air is pumped into each tyre before setting off.

Vanarama urged road users to fix tyre pressures as a priority to reduce drag and save the pennies. Speaking on a TikTok clip, the motoring experts said: “Tyres with low pressure won’t necessarily look flat but if your pressure is low you have a problem.

“Low pressure means more drag which means more effort to move the car which means more fuel used and if you see this fuel light you need to sort it ASAP.

“Your tyres will have a recommended pressure which you’ll find on the car itself or by looking up your tyres online.

“Then it’s as easy as tapping your card or sticking a coin in this machine, setting the pressure you need, pulling your pipe, attacking the end bit and waiting.”

BK Tyres have previously warned that tyre pressures could have a major effect on how much fuel is used while on the road.

Extensive testing from GT Radial found fuel consumption rises by a whopping 10 percent when tyres are just five psi underinflated.

This would equate to a massive two percent increase for each psi under the recommended level.

But, ​​consumer watchdog Which? Determined that fuel usage only rose by three percent when pressures were dropped by 15psi when testing a medium-size family car.

This would be around a 0.2 percent increase in consumption per psi, massively down on the GT Radial test.

According to TyreSafe, it is accepted that a six psi drop leads to a three percent increase. This would come out at around a 0.5 percent drop for each psi lost.

TikTok user @WeDriveUK has also encouraged motorists to have their tyres fully inflated at all times.

She commented: “Make sure your tyres are all pumped up. If they are not pumped up and any of them are deflated then that’s going to cause more friction which is going to lead to more usage of fuel.”

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