Elden Ring’s most popular mod finally works with Shadow of the Erdtree

When you’re playing Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree in co-op, there’s one mod you absolutely need to have downloaded. Simple in concept, it trims the fat around multiplayer in FromSoftware’s magnum opus. So instead of struggling against the co-op systems already in the game, playing with friends becomes a coherent experience. Shadow of the Erdtree might have broken it, but you can once again use this must-have mod while playing the incredible DLC.

Elden Ring’s ‘Seamless Co-op’ mod is by far the most popular download among players. With almost four million installs on Nexus Mods, it circumnavigates the open-world game’s online restrictions to keep everyone in the same game no matter what. Dead players respawn in the session, defeating bosses doesn’t send summons home, and all major actions within The Lands Between are synchronized. This is an Elden Ring mod everyone should have, with no exceptions.

The problem is that the arrival of Shadow of the Erdtree broke Seamless Co-op when the DLC dropped. Until now. Not only that, but there are some extra improvements to make your adventures even smoother than before.

While seamlessly exploring the Land of Shadow with friends, all players now gain every item given in conversation, enemy scaling options are here, optional invasions are added, and you need to have the same mods installed to connect with other players.

Created by ‘LukeYui,’ Seamless Co-op is the only way to play Elden Ring with friends in any way that makes sense. I adore FromSoftware’s summon and invasion system, but my fond memories are all tainted by spending far too long trying to play these games with friends. Every time the summoner dies in Elden Ring the session ends, and you’re restricted to just the overworld without your horse Torrent during play. Elden Ring’s base game multiplayer is needlessly restrictive considering how big the world is, and Seamless Co-op fixes that.

The Elden Ring Seemless Co-op mod can be found right here, but be sure to completely uninstall any previous versions before downloading v1.7.2.

While you run around the Land of Shadow with your friends, make sure each of you knows all the best Elden Ring builds and where to find all the overpowered Elden Ring weapons. You’re going to need them.

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