Forget Starfield, grab this bundle of the best space games for 85% off

The Outer Worlds is undoubtedly one of the all-time best space RPG experiences around, sorry Starfield. Obsidian Entertainment isn’t the only developer to craft such an immense interstellar story though, and Humble Bundle knows it. The charitable storefront’s latest deal includes a variety of such space games, including The Outer Worlds, all packed nicely together for cheap in the new Spaced Out bundle. You’ll have to snag the starry Humble Bundle fast if you want it, as it’s limited.

If you’re getting tired of Bethesda’s recent space game and haven’t yet had the chance to try out the genre’s greats aside from Starfield, like The Outer Worlds, then this Humble Bundle offers the perfect opportunity for you to do so. You can get up to seven out-of-this-world games for a whopping 85% off, in a deal that even Valve’s heftiest Steam sale may struggle to rival.

The full bundle includes Breathedge, High on Life, Journey to the Savage Planet, The Entropy Centre, The Outer Worlds, The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass, and Trover Saves the Universe. Some of these are wacky and mind-bogglingly weird, like High on Life, while others are more narrative-driven such as The Outer Worlds. If you want the entire genre-defying Spaced Out bundle, you’ll need to pay at least $30 / £23.72.

Since the full set of highly-rated Steam games is usually worth around $204 / £162.87, the bundle is a genuine steal. For those of you who own some of the included entries already or those simply looking for one or two additions to your library, you can opt to pay less and in turn, receive fewer games. Get Breathedge and Journey to the Savage Planet for just $10 / £7.90.

Or, you can grab Breathedge, Journey to the Savage Planet, The Entropy Centre, The Outer Worlds, and Trover Saves the Universe for just $15 / £11.86. No matter which version of the Spaced Out Bundle you choose, do so quickly as it’ll no longer be available for purchase after Humble’s key supply runs out. If supplies last, the deal ends instead on Friday, December 15.

While you decide which version of the Spaced Out bundle you’ll go for, you should browse through our roundup of the greatest free PC games for some more good deals. After all, nothing beats free. Alternatively, check out a few of our favorite story games if experiences like the one that The Outer Worlds offers are up your alley.

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