Gajra For Hair

Gajra For Hair

A timeless beauty accessory, gajra is a traditional ornament that adds a touch of elegance to the hair. Usually worn during weddings, festivals, and other religious occasions, this beautiful accessory is an ode to Indian heritage and culture and lends an exquisite charm to a woman’s overall appearance.

Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were seen sporting a lovely white jasmine gajra in their big day, but the trend is taking a major makeover with roses becoming a popular alternative for this classic flower. This gorgeous bloom, with its long stems and vibrant colours, is a cinch to pin into the hair. In fact, even the Dolce & Gabbana runway beauty looks featured large red carnations tucked behind each model’s ears.

If you are tired of the cliche white jasmine gajra and want to try something different, then here are 10 flowers that you can use instead. Besides roses, you can also try out flowers like tulips, orchids, lilies and daises.

The traditional Indian gajra consists of beautiful jasmine buds that are strung together and tied on a plain white or colored thread. These beautiful garlands are usually adorned by brides on their wedding day or worn by classical dancers in performances. They are a symbol of love and add to the regal look of the bridal ensemble.

Today, these traditional floral garland ornaments are made with a variety of flowers like jasmine buds, chameli, and mogra. They are pinned to a braid or bun on the head to enhance the hairstyle and add a classic, ornate and elegant look. These delicate and fragrant flowers are a symbol of grace and beauty and look gorgeous with Indian outfits.

Gajra For Hair

A beautiful gajra can instantly elevate the look of any saree. It can also be teamed up with a lehenga for Mehendi and Haldi ceremonies. Gajra Matha Patti is a perfect match for a festive saree as it lends a very feminine look to the whole ensemble.

Whether you have straight or wavy locks, these pretty gajra for hair styles will look amazing on you. Simply request your hairstylist for gentle curls or a half-tied updo and encircle it with white or colourful gajra strings.

You can also get your hairstylist to entwine the gajra strings around a voluminous, side-swept ponytail. This enchanting style is sure to catch everyone’s eye and will make you look beautiful.

If you have long hair, then this is the perfect gajra hairstyle for you. You can either have your hair twisted into a beautiful bun or you can adorn it with a beautiful banarasi saree.

This hairdo will look best if you have natural, wavy or curly locks. You can also use a hair oil to add more shine and moisture to your locks to make them look more beautiful. The MyGlamm Superfoods Shampoo is loved by many beauty savants and is infused with natural extracts and oils to give your locks a gorgeous glow. Alternatively, you can also use MyGlamm Shine Enhancer, which is a must-have for those who are in the market for an instant hair boost.

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