Giant fan expansion gives this divisive Sonic game a new lease of life

Remember Sonic Forces? The team behind Sonic Forces Overclocked do and, despite the game’s middling reception they’ve gone to the trouble of making a free fan expansion. And even if you turned your nose up at the original, it’s well worth checking out.

Say what you like about Sega (I’m still seething over the Mega CD), unlike Nintendo they’re happy to let people ‘borrow’ their platform game mascot for their own fan games. Sonic Forces Overclocked isn’t a standalone game as such but this fan-expansion is such a treat it feels like it deserves to be.

As the name suggests, this is an expansion, or mod, for the divisive Sonic Forces. Launched alongside the far superior Sonic Mania, Sonic Forces has more than its fair share of problems, including wonky controls, being forced to play as a fan-created character, and more.

Sonic Forces Overclocked can’t fix those problems but it delivers a new set of eight levels that are a real rush to play. They’re frenetic without being frustrating and a step above Sonic Forces’ so-so offerings.

But that’s not the only surprise Sonic Forces Overclocked has up its sleeve. Rather than just flinging a bunch of levels at you and telling you to get on with it, there’s a proper story, a sequel to the original’s tale.

On top of that, you get cut-scenes and new voice acting, featuring actors from the Adrenaline Dubs, a team who, amongst other things, do readings of IDW’s Sonic the Hedgehog comics. And the icing on the cake is a special chapter where you play as Metal Sonic.

Sure, it’s lacking in new bosses but the Sonic Forces Overclocked team made it clear that wouldn’t be practical. The end game does have a boss fight of a sort which is plenty considering this is a four-year fan project. And it is cool seeing the wreck of a former boss just laying around.

If you’ve still got Sonic Forces in your Steam library, you can download Sonic Forces Unlocked here. Be sure to read the instructions, this is an 8GB download and the main download link is a dummy.

And if you’ve not got the game, it’s 75% off in the Steam Winter Sale, making Sonic Forces $9.99/£8.74 on Steam. No matter what you think of Sonic Forces, Sonic Forces Overclocked could change your mind.

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