Ginger shot recipe that’s ‘easy’ to make yourself and takes just 15 minutes, claims cook

Energise your day with the vibrant, spicy, and invigorating flavour of homemade ginger shots.

Ginger is one of nature’s most potent superfoods with plenty of immune-building, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant benefits.

Instead of spending money on ginger shots in supermarkets, try your hand at making them yourself because this recipe is “easy” and takes just 15 minutes, claims cook Barney Desmazery At BBC Good Food.

He said: “Start the day with punchy, refreshing ginger juice. Save money by making your own using fresh ginger, apple and lemon juice.”

For those who are on prescribed medication, have a kidney or digestive disorder (including gallbladder issues), or are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended they check with your healthcare professional before drinking these shots.

This five-star rated recipe only requires three ingredients and just two steps for it all to come together.


60g ginger, skin left on

400ml fresh apple juice

Half a lemon, juiced


The first step is to chop the ginger into small chunks before tipping them into a blender with the apple and lemon juice. Blitz this for a few minutes – just until it’s very smooth.

The second and final step is to set a very fine sieve over a jug to strain the juice. You could also line a regular sieve with a piece of muslin or a clean, thin tea towel.

Tip the juice into the sieve and leave it to drain, then press the remaining pulp with the back of a ladle until dry.

For those using a cloth, twist to squeeze all the juice out. Drink straight away or decant into a bottle.

This juice will keep chilled for up to four days and shake well before serving every time.

The cook said that he’d tried many different quantities of ginger to liquid and the amount he found to be the best for a shot that was still very gingery but not overpowering was 15g ginger per 100ml liquid.

This makes a 100ml serving or two 50ml shots. Use these proportions to make as much or as little ginger juice as you’d like.

For those who prefer more of a tropical flavour, they can replace the apple juice with pineapple juice.

To add the health benefits of fresh turmeric to your shots simply swap half the ginger for turmeric prepared the same way as the ginger.

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