Hatch Early Learning Unveils IgnitePanel

Winston-Salem, NC — Hatch Early Learning, the leading provider of comprehensive early childhood education solutions, introduces a newly enhanced IgnitePanel, an interactive touch screen display designed specifically for young learners paired with innovative, device-agnostic software. Featuring thousands of standards-aligned activities, teachers can seamlessly create and deliver fun, engaging small-group and whole-class instruction.

“Every day, teachers tell us that they want more time for teaching. The IgnitePanel empowers teachers with more time to focus on teaching and supporting their students. By consolidating everything an early learning teacher needs to construct and deliver lessons in one place, we reduce teachers’ workloads while creating a more engaging and fun learning experience for children,” said Sam Bonfante, President of Hatch Early Learning.

Developed using the latest educational research, the software caters to early learners of all levels, empowering teachers to build or customize their lessons using provided templates effortlessly. IgnitePanel with software unlocks a new level of efficiency and engagement in early childhood classrooms.

Some of the unique attributes include:

  • Effortless lesson planning and implementation of research-based activities to tailor learning based on the needs of individual learners.
  • A “save work” feature enables teachers to track student progress and evaluate instructional impact both before and after instruction.
  • Seamless integration with Insights™, Hatch’s educator dashboard, to provide for progress tracking, classroom usage analysis, and student activity monitoring.
  • Professional development opportunities covering standards and learning objectives for educators.
  • A robust library with standards-aligned content, lessons, activities, and ebooks for both online and offline learning.

To round out Hatch’s holistic teaching and learning ecosystem and give teachers with crucial insights about usage and activity, the company has integrated its data dashboard, Insights™, with the new software. With the increased versatility, teachers can effortlessly plan, assign, or teach research-based activities tailored to their students’ needs. By consolidating resources into one integrated workflow, educators can efficiently build lessons, monitor student progress, and streamline their workload.  

About Hatch Early Learning

Hatch Early Learning is a trusted leader in early education, providing administrators and teachers with actionable data on student readiness across multiple domains. Their research-based solutions offer valuable insights into student progress, enabling informed decision-making and targeted interventions. Hatch’s platforms streamline paperwork, save teachers time, promote effective collaboration with families, and create a supportive educational environment.

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