How to dry clothes fast without tumble dryer using cleaners genius method

While many are looking for different ways to cut energy bills during the cost of living crisis, it can be hard not to turn to the tumble dryer if you need your clothes dried fast.

However, Caroline Solomon, otherwise known as @neat.caroline on TikTok, has shared an amazing method she frequently uses to reduce the manual drying time of clothes from overnight to just one or two hours.

This method of drying laundry is called the “burrito” method. She captioned the video: “How to dry clothes fast without a dryer”.

Demonstrating what to do, Caroline started by laying a towel flat and placed a wet top at the base.

She then proceeded to roll up the towel with the t-shirt going from the base up, just like a “burrito”.

The next step is to press down on the towel to wring out excess moisture. Caroline uses her knees to do so.

All that’s left to do is unroll it and leave the clothing to dry on the drying rack and the expert claimed the garments “will dry in one to two hours instead of overnight”. put the burrito method to the test and found it to work extremely well.

But for those who need to dry their clothes “faster” than this, they can grab a hairdryer and use this appliance to dry the top after the burrito method. Caroline said this only took her “one minute”.

Deyan Dimitrov, cleaning expert and founder of Laundryheap has shared a few “quick-dry” tips that can help households during the winter season.

Keep drying racks away from walls 

When drying items during the winter months, it’s important to think about where you’re placing your drying rack.

Once washed, hang your clothes as far away from any walls as possible. This will allow air to freely circulate your items whilst they dry and prevent moisture from getting trapped between the garments and walls.

Hang items individually with plenty of space between them

To ensure that clothes dry “quickly and effectively”, try to leave ample space between each item on your clothing line or drying rack.

This technique also works well if you’re hanging items up using coat hangers. Giving them room might seem counterintuitive, but it increases the airflow between items, which will “speed up” the overall drying process.

Make the most of warm spots

After taking your clothes out of the washing machine, be sure to hang them in front of any entrances with good airflow, or warmer spots in your home (including radiators, windows and doors).

Regardless of whether these locations have hot or cold air, this method will speed up the drying process by allowing fresh air to circulate the room whilst your clothes dry.

Remove damp and musty smells 

To prevent any damp or musty smells from clinging to your clothing as they dry, you can initially heat them before hanging them on your drying rack.

Place each washed item on a flat surface and cover with a clean towel, before quickly running an iron over their surface. This heat will begin to dry your clothes and the towel will absorb any moisture to prevent any unwanted odours from hanging around.

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