Hydrangea watering tip for droopy flowers is crucial to their survival

You may notice at particular times some of your hydrangeas don’t have the same life in them as they once did. While you’re tempted to water them, it’s important to take into consideration a vital detail.

In a social media video, Kelly Lehman, who is a flower farm owner, shared exactly what to do in the event that your hydrangeas appear droopy.

She said: “Hey flower tribe, it’s Kelly Lehman from Cranbury Fields Flower Farm, and today I wanna give you a hydrangea quick tip about when your hydrangeas are drooping like this.

“So this is what my endless summer hydrangeas look like.

“It’s midday, it’s about 85 degrees right now, and they look kind of droopy.

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“So wait to see if your hydrangeas poof back up by the end of the day before you add that extra water because you don’t want to drown your hydrangeas.”

Viewers of the helpful video commented.

“Thank you for the info!!! I just transplanted my hydrangea and today it is doing this… it looked great yesterday,” one person said.

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