Kochi Metro: Speed Trials on New Line to Tripunithura Begins Next Week

Last Updated: January 04, 2024, 12:30 IST

Kochi Metro: Speed Trials on New Line to Tripunithura Begins Next Week. (Photo: Big Property)

Kochi Metro revs up Phase I-B extension for Tripunithura, gearing for speed trials ahead of safety checks, promising enhanced connectivity.

Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) is all set to kick off speed trials next week on the Phase I-B Metro extension line, stretching from SN Junction to Tripunithura.

This exciting move comes just ahead of the crucial safety inspection by the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRF).

The purpose of these speed trials is to evaluate the maximum speed capacity of the new line, ensuring track stability, traction continuity, and testing communication systems. Recent successful load tests on the track have paved the way for this upcoming trial, following a trial run held on December 7.

This extension, expected to be operational by February once the CRF gives its nod, introduces innovative Open Web Girder technology along a 60-meter stretch, a first for Kochi Metro. Speed testing holds significant importance in meeting the commissioner’s criteria, as reported by TOI.

According to KMRL insiders, these speed trials will span over multiple days, with a commitment to swiftly conclude all tests on the new line. Additionally, signalling, telecom, and traction works along the line have been finalized.

The extended Kochi Metro line from SN Junction to Tripunithura foresees an uptick in passenger numbers, offering easy access to Tripunithura railway station from the proposed Metro station. The previous Phase I-A extension from Petta to SN Junction, opened on September 1, 2022, witnessed a notable surge in daily passenger footfall post-launch.

Upon commissioning this final stretch of Kochi Metro’s Phase I segment, the expansive 28.125km Metro line connecting Aluva to Tripunithura will encompass a total of 25 stations, enhancing the city’s public transit network.

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