Korean Corporate Tax Rate

The Korean Corporate Income Tax law was amended to lower Korean corporate income taxes for 2023. The amendment is applicable for the year 2023 or until amended. For an article on the reduction in Korean Stock Transaction Taxes please see: Korean Stock Transaction Taxes.

Tax Basis 2022 (Local Income Tax) 2023 (Local Income Tax)
Less than KRW 200 million 10% (11%) 9% (9.9%)
KRW 200 million to KRW 20 billion 20% (22%) 19% (20.9%)
KRW 20 to KRW 300 billion 22% (24.2%) 21% (23.1%)
More than KRW 300 billion 25% (27.5%) 24% (26.4%)
Korean Corporate Income Tax

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