Minecrafter creates snow-capped British cathedral for Christmas

For a rural Brit like me there’s scarcely anything more festive than wandering through a cathedral city with a chill in the air, looking for stocking fillers for my family from the nearby Christmas market. Now you can recreate that feeling while warming your toes by the fire thanks to a downloadable map made available by redditor u/Nicoglius.

The Minecraft ‘Derwick Cathedral at Christmas’ map, uploaded to Planet Minecraft, is a special Christmas version of Nicoglius’s other Derwick Cathedral map, which they describe as “a map of a fictional (but realistic) English Gothic cathedral in the City of Derwick.” It’s a truly impressive recreation of British architecture in one of the world’s best crafting games. To see more of the map before you explore for yourself, Nicoglius has created a video guide of the non-Christmas version of Derwick on YouTube.

Not content to leave it there though, they have also written up a full fictional history of the city to lend the map some gravitas and help you feel like you’re exploring a real rural English city, with all their quirks and foibles. To explore the map for yourself, you can download it here, or if you’re feeling particularly ‘bah humbug!’ the non-Christmas version of the map is available here.

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