Modern Warfare 3 is now free to play, but only for a limited time

Modern Warfare 3 had a rocky start, but Activision is gearing up to deliver more exciting content to the community as Season 1 takes off, with new maps and more. If you haven’t hopped into the latest Call of Duty shooter yourself, whether it be due to mixed reviews or perhaps MW3’s sheer price amid the Christmas season, now could be your perfect opportunity to give it a go as it’s going free to play over the weekend.

During the free period, Activision says you can experience good old-fashioned multiplayer fun in Modern Warfare 3, as well as some of the FPS game‘s recently added Season 1 content. The free period offers access to classic maps like Highrise, Rust, and Shipment, too, as well as the new War mode and all its multiphase objective glory as you tackle Operation Spearhead.

If you’re a nostalgic fan yearning to remake some of your childhood CoD memories, then you’ll be happy to hear that the free weekend also gives you access to the open-world Modern Warfare 3 Zombies mode. You’ll also get to explore MW3 Season 1 features, like its new map, Meat, and test core modes like Hardpoint and the action-packed, popular Team Deathmatch.

You can take on the apocalyptic hordes and have chaotic multiplayer fun for free from Thursday, December 14 through Monday, December 18. If you want to check out full details regarding the free weekend, head on over to Call of Duty’s official post. The game currently has a negative reception overall on platforms like Steam, but I personally think free periods like this are a step in the right direction.

In response, Call of Duty fans are leaving quite positive comments. One player calls the free weekend a great opportunity to discover all that the game has to offer, while others are simply leaving fire emojis in approval. On the other hand, some people are expressing frustration with the fact that the multiplayer mode isn’t always free. There are also comments from fans worrying about performance drops as MW3 goes free.

Our Modern Warfare 3 review delves deeper into the FPS’ intricacies and its controversial state, but this open access could mark a positive turn for the latest CoD entry and help solidify its place among the preceding greats. While many of us felt that MW3 wasn’t ready for its release, letting new players access content that’s usually locked behind a triple-A price and provide feedback is a great way for developers to build up their communities.

While you jump in and explore the shooter’s first season, you can browse through our extensive guide on the best MW3 guns and weapons to give yourself a starting boost. Alternatively, look around at our favorite  MW3 loadouts for the current meta to ensure that you’ve geared up correctly to make the most out of this free weekend.

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