Punishment in Korea for Not Paying Korean Child Support

Korea has legal tools in place to punish a person who refuses to pay child support. We advise, if you have a child support order to not sit on your rights, and if payment is not made, consult an attorney and get the process moving in order to enforce your rights. If you have not been awarded child support it is advisable to read the following article: Korean Child Support Basics explained by IPG Legal and Calculating Child Support in Korea.

Seoul Family Court

Article 64 of the Korean Family Litigation Act allows for a Family Court in Korea to order the parent who has defaulted on his or her child support obligations to be ordered by the court to pay the money owed. If the parent ignores the order, the court may order a fine of up KRW 10,000,000 under Article 67 of the Korean Family Litigation Act or imprisonment under Articles 67 and 68 of the Korean Family Litigation Act. Thus, you have tools to assist in getting the father or mother of your child to comply with a child support order.

Article 64, Family Litigation Act (Order for Implementation)
(1) When a person who is required to implement an obligation falling under any of the following subparagraphs pursuant to the judgment, adjudication, conciliation protocol, decision substituting conciliation or child support order fails to perform the obligation without any justifiable reason, a family court may, upon request of the party concerned, order the person to perform the obligation within a specific period:
1. Obligation related to property, such as payment of money;
2. Obligation to hand over an infant;
3. Obligation to allow visitation to his/her children.
Korean Family Litigation Act Article 64

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