Red Dead Redemption 2 actor confirms new role as “iconic character”

Red Dead Redemption 2 lives on and thrives years after Rockstar Games first released the cowboy-esque RPG. The hype for a third game never seems to die down, with fans looking to iconic characters such as Arthur Morgan and the series’ events like the Blackwater Massacre for possible new stories, prequels, and sequels. While Rockstar hasn’t yet confirmed anything, it looks like Morgan’s voice actor Roger Clark has taken on an exciting new role as a voice actor.

The role may not have anything to do with Red Dead Redemption 2 or the developer’s impressive line of RPG games at all, though. “I have been trusted with a pretty iconic character in the sound booth,” Clark writes in a post revealing his mysterious new role. “Can’t wait to share the details with you when I can,” the end of his message reads, leaving us even more thirsty for details.

Clark recently alluded to a possible Red Dead Redemption 2 sequel and stated that he’s “certain” one was coming “one day.” He did specify that Arthur Morgan’s story was over, though, as it’s already “been told.” This means that the unannounced voice he’s taking on isn’t Morgan’s, and it probably isn’t coming from any character related to Rockstar’s Western game either.

Before his puzzling “iconic character” reveal, Clark also made another post shrouded in mystery in which he says he’s had a “brilliant day.” We can’t know for certain of course, but judging by the time between the two posts, Clark was likely sharing his excitement regarding the voice-acting role.

There’s no telling who Clark will voice next. The beloved actor has an impressive track record, acting in other big entries such as Back 4 Blood and Smite. Clark is known for more than just his voice, too, appearing in movies like Bunker and television series as well. He is certainly most well-recognized for his role as Morgan in RDR2, though, even winning The Game Awards 2018 title for the year’s best performance.

While you wait to learn more about Roger Clark’s new role and what it might be in, browse through a few of our favorite open-world games to give yourself a taste of the freedom Red Dead Redemption 2 allows for. Alternatively, you can check out these well-written story games if you’re still attached to Arthur Morgan and need a new plot to lose yourself in.

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