Reviewers With Mature Skin Are Obsessed With This $7 Eyeliner

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Whether you’re someone who loves to experiment with the makeup trends or keeps their beauty routine fairly consistent, it is always a good idea to occasionally reevaluate staple items as your skin’s needs change over time. The products that work best for our skin in our 30s are not necessarily the ones that looks best in our 50s and beyond.

Hormones, lifestyle changes, the common physiological effects of aging and more can all contribute to our shifting needs. Drier skin might require a cream blush or foundation, while eyelids with loose skin or droopiness could benefit from shadows or liners that have a smooth finish to facilitate an easy, gliding application.

If you’re in search of the former, look no further than the NYX Vivid Rich mechanical eye pencil, which is rife with glowing reviews from shoppers of all ages. This drugstore staple is a must for anyone who loves a fabulous eyeliner look, but especially worth perusing if you’re working with mature skin.

With just over a dozen colors to choose from when you shop this affordable liner at Amazon or Target, there’s no end to the various makeup looks you can create. It’s available in both matte and shimmer finishes in everyday hues like brown and black to dramatic, metallic jewel-toned colors for a special night out.

The secret to the NYX Vivid Rich eye pencil’s popularity is in the versatile formula, which glides on smoothly and easily like a liquid eyeliner but has the precision of a stick and a creamy, long-lasting finish that won’t dry out and flake off. It’s made to withstand heat and humidity, so you can go about your day without worrying about smudging. There are too many reviewers raving about how long-lasting this liner is to even begin counting them all —and many of them say you don’t have to worry about contact lens irritation. It’s a bonafide hit.

This makeup must-have boasts 4.5 out of 5 stars and 83,173 5-star reviews at Amazon. It’s the real deal — and since it’s under $8 you just can’t beat the price. Take a look at what Amazon shoppers have to say and pick up one (or two) for yourself.

These eyeliners glide on easily for ‘mature’ persons trying to apply it to their eyes. I can’t use pencil/crayon eyeliners anymore. They don’t go on smoothly over the ‘crepes’ in my eyes so I end up building too much trying to smooth out the line. These glide on so easily and don’t smudge. Tried it on my (wrinkly) hand first and zero issues with it covering the surface first time. Great colors too. Doesn’t run under my eyes either. Gel pens are great.” — Susan B.

“The color is soft and rich. It glides on smoothly. I’m 70 years old but it’s easy to control the fine tip. The color is beautiful for an older woman. I highly recommend this color and this pencil.” — LB

“I have been wearing eyeliner since I was a teenager and I can say with 100% confidence that this is by far the best eyeliner I have ever used. I’m a pencil girl so I can’t speak much about liquid. But this goes on really nice and doesn’t pull or tear at my aging skin. It lasts all day under normal conditions and has stayed on for hours in the water. Love the bronze color with the tiny sparkles. It’s the only liner ibhave purchased in several years now. And the price… FAHGEDABOUDIT! 5 STARS across the board.” — Vanessa L. Knight

“I saw the trendy brand (Tarte) on TikTok and checked to see if it was available on Amazon. It wasn’t and I purchased NYX instead. I love it. Our eyes diminish in size as we age due to drooping lids, etc. This opened my eyes and gave them a youthful appearance. It is now a staple in my makeup routine.” — Deirdre Haggerty

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