Rust dev finally adds highly requested backpacks, says pets are coming

Rust isn’t going to die out any time soon, after going strong for well over a decade now. Facepunch Studios’ unique multiplayer survival game has all the essentials to make for a challenging, chaotic experience and will only continue to have more fun features as the developer now reveals a variety of other upcoming additions to Rust’s content. Fans have asked for both backpacks and pets for a while now, and we now know we’ll see both drop in updates.

If you regularly play Rust or hang about the multiplayer game‘s online communities, you may have encountered players asking about backpacks in-game. While there haven’t been any yet, aside from fan-created mods’ bags, Facepunch Studios says that the useful inventory-increasing items are in the works. “Backpacks will be a new craftable attire,” says the dev, “allowing the player to carry more items.”

The feature arrives on Thursday, February 1, but players can check it out early in the game’s staging branch. Around this time, the dev also plans to “limit the number of shelters players can have placed at any one time.” Backpacks aren’t the only big reveal from Facepunch, though. In a new post announcing future updates and discussing Rust’s future, the dev also addresses the possibility of pets, performance, and more.

While we already know that the team has worked on pets for several months now, the dev explains that the feature “will not be released this year.” Instead, Facepunch will overcome “several obstacles” first before releasing pets. In terms of performance issues, the dev says fixing them is “an ongoing process.” Its top priority right now is “bringing memory usage down” to provide more stable FPS.

Global rendering is still underway too, with plans to publically release it in March to increase the view distance of player structures while also reducing any problems with performance. A brand-new server system is coming this year as well, known as ‘Nexus.’ With it, the dev hopes to link “an unlimited amount of servers, creating an environment where you can interact with tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of players.”

Nexus should allow you to explore multiple maps without the need to move servers permanently. Just imagine hopping maps to gather some impressive resources temporarily in an unsafe, unstable environment. This feature should come sometime in 2024, as will brighter nights to make navigating the dark easier. Don’t worry about the game becoming too easy though, since “flashlights and night vision are still a must-have” for any late-hour PvP.

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Facepunch addresses the most heated topic amid conversations of Rust in its update, too— cheating. While the team can’t give too much detail on what changes it’s making to ensure a fairer experience in-game, the dev declares it’s “actively monitoring and combating cheaters daily,” and is “dedicating more resources into anti-cheat than ever” while “exploring some more radical measures.”

There are tons of other changes and smaller tweaks coming to Rust, such as changes to gunplay, progression, missions, and excitingly, underwater exploration. We’ll also see more content come, like motorcycles. With the Rust sequel confirmed recently as well, this year is a thrilling time indeed for fans of Facepunch’s survival game. I personally can’t wait to equip a backpack. As fans on this Reddit thread discussing the upcoming features say, “Finally, we’ll have backpacks.”

If you’re wondering how to make your current experience in-game a little bit smoother ahead of the coming performance updates, check out our in-depth guide on all of the Rust console commands for some quick fixes. Alternatively, you can browse through a few of our other favorite survival games if you love a good virtual challenge.

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