Stardew Valley meets The Sims 4 in new home design mod

Stardew Valley has single-handedly consumed hundreds of hours of my life, and I regret none of the time lost. ConcernedApe’s take on Story of Seasons-type games is adorable, original, and downright addictive. I’d wager I’ve lost many of those hours to modded content though, as the community is as impressive as the creator himself with its continuous flow of new content. My latest Stardew-related obsession is the Happy Home Designer mod, one that gives House Flipper and The Sims 4 vibes.

If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley like me, then chances are you obsess over the farming game‘s customization-based features in some form or fashion. For me, this obsession manifests as a love for decorating my farmhouse and the abundant forest land surrounding it (yes, I always pick the same farm map). Without mods, my home in-game would look vastly different. From squishy plush toys to glittery wallpapers, I’ve got just about every flavor of décor a player could want.

Home design never gets old though, and I’m also looking out for new ways to upgrade my House Flipper-esque experience in Stardew Valley. With Happy Home Designer, a mod aptly named after Animal Crossing’s cozy spin-off decorating game, I’m able to easily turn my farmhouse into the living space of my dreams. Modder Wren, known as ‘Tlitookilakin’ on Nexus Mods, was hoping to make a “feature-rich furniture and wallpaper catalog overhaul” with Happy Home Designer.

Mission accomplished, I’d say. The new mod lets you place any furniture conveniently and directly from its catalog rather than constantly needing to open it. You can also use the furniture catalog alongside the wallpaper one if you stack the two books, or craft them together for one accessible catalog which encompasses all of the available décor.

If you use alternative textures, you can easily see which items have skins and place pre-skinned furniture. Happy Home Designer also lets you add your most beloved items to a quickly accessible bookmarked section that harbors each piece of furniture you favorite. Got a go-to plant? Simply favorite it and find it easily when you want to use it. No need to hurry either, since the mod comes with an option to completely freeze time.

It reminds me of The Sims 4 and its own decorating mode, as the game pauses so that you can freely design your home. The ability to favorite items and engage with extended furniture categories feels very Sims-like too, making it much easier to sort through different kinds of décor.

Stardew Valley Happy Home Designer mod examples showing the catalogue for furniture combined with wallpapers and floors

The Happy Home Designer mod is entirely free to download. I’m not the only one singing its praises either, with posters commenting directly on the mod’s page calling it “such a useful mod.” Another fan chimes in that Happy Home Designer is “the dream mod I never knew I needed,” and I’d personally be inclined to agree. I love ConcernedApe, but the catalog menu gives serious room for improvement and thankfully, Wren has us covered with this stunning replacement UI.

While you sort out your mod folder and decide whether or not you want to add Happy Home Designer to it, be sure to check out some of our all-time favorite Stardew Valley mods for even more free content to spice your base game up with. Alternatively, have a browse around a few of the best relaxing games around if you’re searching for a new cozy experience to snuggle up with.

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