The Day Before launches to catastrophic Steam reviews

Now that players finally have their hands on The Day Before after numerous delays and questionable announcements from developer Fntastic, it’s abundantly clear the game can’t meet the hype it has gathered over the years. Not even three hours into its early access launch on Steam, players are reviewing The Day Before poorly, claiming it has broken UI elements, a lack of stable servers to connect with, and many game-breaking bugs.

Gamers, media, and even content creators had theorized way beforehand that The Day Before may not be able to meet the hefty promise of its early trailers, at least during its early access launch. Despite the naysayers, Fntastic tried to reassure players the MMO game wasn’t a scam and was improving things behind the scenes. Despite this, the game has launched to negative Steam reviews.

“The UI broke the second I logged in. Then couldn’t connect to a server,” said one Steam reviewer. “When I finally got into a server, I fell through the map and died. Do not play this game.”

Others on the game’s Steam page join the army of negative reviews with similar comments of frustration, some even mentioning the zombie game doesn’t appear to feature many, well, zombies. However, what seems to be a crucial pain point for players is that they can’t even log into The Day Before.

Fntastic has acknowledged experiencing player “overload” on North American servers on Twitter and claimed the servers are still working but filling “up too quickly.” This so far hasn’t helped to stem player frustrations around the server issues. Since this update on social media, Fntastic has yet to respond on plans or a timeline on when the servers woes may clear.

As of this writing, The Day Before sits at a ‘Mostly Negative’ review rating on Steam. Early access titles are known to be rough around the edges, and server issues for new PC games are nothing new, but according to reviews, it seems The Day Before wasn’t quite ready to be released to the public, even in early access.

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