The Finals patch notes 1.4.0 bring the holiday gifts we all wanted

The Finals patch notes 1.4.0 are here, and developer Embark Studios has the holiday gift we’ve all been waiting for. That’s right, the somewhat confusingly numbered The Finals patch 5 finally brings us the much-requested heavy nerf, along with several other balance changes for the hottest new free Steam game right now. There’s also a free holiday gift up for grabs, and a festive overhaul to the FPS game’s Monaco map, so let’s dig into all the details in The Finals 1.4.0.

The Finals patch notes 1.4.0 include a welcome list of the balance changes and quality-of-life improvements. Developer Embark Studios adds that “major changes” have been made to anti-cheat detection in the FPS game, so you should see “fewer matches with players who don’t play fair.” Alongside some rebalancing for The Finals classes and their various weapons and gadgets, you’ll also find a free gift waiting for you when you log in, and the game’s Monaco map has been given a seasonal makeover: “It’s snowy and the halls have been decked,” Embark says.

The heavy build class is frequently called out as the strongest-feeling option in the free Steam game, so seeing a few nerfs to it is certainly a welcome change. Both it’s Mesh Shield specialization and Dome Shield have seen their health slightly reduced, while the RPG’s damage and radius have both been lowered slightly, which should make it slightly harder to catch the nimble light build players with one-tap rockets.

The heavy’s SA1216 Shotgun, one of the most devastating close-range options and a serious contender among the best The Finals weapons, also gets its damage pulled down just a touch, although their Flamethrower and C4 both get a slight buff. Medium build players will now be able to use their Recon Senses ability more cheaply but have to handle arming times that have now been added to their various mine options.

Light builds get some welcome buffs that should make them a bit more dangerous in the moment, with extra range added to their Stun Gun and small damage buffs to their LH1 marksman rifle and M11 machine pistol. You can head here to check out the patch notes in full, courtesy of Embark Studios.

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