Tourists in London go viral for catching a pickpocket: Travel tips to stay safe on trips abroad | Travel

Two tourists recently went viral on the internet for catching a pickpocket in the streets of London. The video features a short snippet of a man holding the pickpocket’s hands in the back and waiting for the police to arrive, while a woman can be seen shouting and arguing with the thief. 

Two tourists in London caught a pickpocket thief.(Instagram)

The thief can be seen trying to negotiate with the tourists but the woman can be seen asking the thief to stay quiet. In no time, after being shared on Instagram, netizens pointed out that the woman in the video has been caught. Here’s the video – take a look.

This further brings our attention to the surge of pickpocket incidences while travelling. It is essential to stay safe and save our wallets, jewellery and money when exploring a new place.

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Travel tips to stay safe from pickpockets:

Theft-proof pants:

Often, it gets easy for pickpockets to pick up wallets and phones when the pant pockets do not have zippers to keep them safe. It is essential to wear theft-proof trousers with zippers on pockets to stay away from pickpocketing experiences.

Wear a fanny pack:

Wearing a fanny pack or a belt bag ensures that we have our valuables in our view when we are travelling on public transport or visiting a crowded place. This also helps us to carry multiple essential things.

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Carry a hidden money belt:

Instead of keeping all your money in your wallet, keeping a stack of cash in a hidden money belt is best. We should always remember to wear the money belt under our clothes. Wearing it around the neck can make it easier for pickpocket thieves to cut it with a pair of scissors.

Avoid standing in a corner with phone in hand:

Multiple instances have shown that standing in a corner of a street with our phone in hand makes it easier for thieves to drive past or walk past us, snatch the phone, and leave.

Keep keys and money in separate bags:

The best way to prevent losing everything at once is to delegate separate bags for each of our valuables. That way, we do not end up losing everything together.

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