Zack Snyder “Of Course” Would Be Interested In Making A Fortnite Movie

Director Zack Snyder has discussed the possibility of making a Fortnite movie one day, saying he would “of course” be interested in that. Snyder has previously spoken about being a big fan of the game, saying he plays “too much” Fortnite and often stays up until 3 AM.

He told Etalk that he “really wanted” to have characters from his newest movie, Rebel Moon, appear in Fortnite through skins, but that didn’t work out. He would be interested in directing a live-action Fortnite movie, if the opportunity ever arose. “Fortnite is an amazing world, and it is an amazing distraction for me. But it’s really cool, and the alchemy that they’ve created there is really unique. When I started playing it, I thought I knew what it was, and then it was something entirely different,” he said (via GamesRadar). “You definitely can never say never, that’s my mantra in this business.”

No Fortnite movie has been announced, but given the immense popularity of the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if Epic has fielded pitches for one. Whether or not a Fortnite movie is ever made is unknown.

Fortnite doesn’t have much of a narrative, but neither does Minecraft, and that franchise is getting a movie adaptation starring Jason Momoa.

Rebel Moon is in theaters now and comes to Netflix on December 22. Rebel Moon reviews have not been kind, but a sequel is already on the schedule for release in 2024. Additionally, a Rebel Moon video game is coming.

Snyder came up with the idea for Rebel Moon years ago and pitched it to Lucasfilm as an R-rated Star Wars movie. It didn’t go anywhere, and it later morphed into a TV series along the lines of “Game of Thrones in space” before Snyder changed things up again and sold it to Netflix as a two-part movie. Netflix and Snyder previously worked together on Army of the Dead.

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